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TUKUAN CANADA called on the skills of Nadeau Branding to completely rethink its visual identity. The company’s founders, Lisa Noto and Félicité Donyo, felt the need to strengthen the foundations of their brand in order to support new direct sales strategies with their customers and promote the company’s latest products.

Nadeau Branding applied its specialized branding methodology. Framing the entire reflection process, the agency developed a comprehensive Brand Charter incorporating identity, visual, graphic and editorial guidelines. This is now the essential reference tool for all the company’s communications and marketing initiatives.

This strategic partnership underlines TUKUAN CANADA’s commitment to a strong and consistent brand image, aligned with its growth and business development objectives. The creation of this unified Brand Charter enables the company to consistently convey its identity to its customers, reinforcing its market position with a solid foundation.

Creation of a new brand charter by Nadeau Branding

Original logo modification by Nadeau Branding

Publishing template for social networks

Labeling objects from the brand TUKUAN