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Here are some examples of realizations of video identity capsules made in connection with the brand essence of our customers.

What is an identity video clip?

An identity video clip is an extension of a brand image creative process. It’s the formation of a short video encompassing the dynamism and drive of an organization, and its associated, and equally dynamic, brand positioning and image. The clip is essentially an Ambassador for the organization, using words, music and imagery designed to trigger an emotional response in sync with the organization’s positioning. You’ll find below examples created by Nadeau Branding over the years:

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for FEDNAV.

There’s no greater challenge than encapsulating the brand essence of Canada’s largest ocean-going dry-bulk shipping company. In about two and a half minutes, you’ll discover everything you need to know about FEDNAV, especially the philosophy and culture responsible for turning this family business into an amazing commercial success across the globe. “Delivering a Higher Standard” since 1944.

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for Zympala.

The goal: projecting in 79 seconds the brand essence of designer Mirelle Mpere’s new clothing collection of African inspiration, under the Zympala brand name, emphasizing the promise of clothing of original, contemporary, international, and above all African design. (In french only)

Mini-documentary video created by Nadeau Branding for Zympala.

So many stories about the adventures of the Tshipama family, the new brand Zympala and the designer Mireille Mpere. An idea became a dream; and the dream became a reality in the form of a bewitching clothing collection of African inspiration. Who better to tell the tale with stimulating words and exotic imagery than the two founders. (In french only)

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for CANU.

The challenge: transposing an organization’s dynamism into a 92-second story. Insert the approach, add the beliefs followed by the method; top it off with the organizational promise, “Embodying Performance”, and mix well. And there you have it, an identity video clip communicating CANU’s spirit of performance.

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for BOUCHARD Artisan Bio.

The tale of five generations in about three and a half minutes is no small feat. In that short time, you’ll connect with the brand’s authenticity and witness the fire and passion of its artisans as they create exceptional dairy products. “More than Bio, it’s Super Bio” (In french only)

Video created by Nadeau Branding for the David Suzuki Foundation.

This 2-minute video illustrates the Quebec of tomorrow with vibrant emotion and conviction. Produced by Noushin Nasri, it showcases the efforts of Quebecers in the protection of our planet, and serves as a platform for the launch tour of the book “Demain le Québec” across Quebec’s major cities. (In french only)

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for Reptile.

The clip is a reflection of this web marketing agency’s creativity and performance track record in business strategies. It depicts a warm atmosphere as team members interact, and owners lead for success; each moment expressing the authenticity surrounding the Reptile brand.