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Hathor Conseils is a firm dedicated to transforming today’s leaders into tomorrow’s enlightened visionaries. Specializing in executive coaching and accompaniment, their mandate is to collaborate with organizations to successfully evolve despite the turbulence of today’s world.

Doryne Bourque the president and founder of HATHOR CONSEILS guides them towards strategic evolution, embracing new paradigms to transcend today’s challenges. Their approach is centered on a deep respect for people, ensuring organizations grow and endure.

Nadeau Branding offer support in consolidating corporate brand image, using a specific methodology that has been tried and tested for over twenty years.

Hathor Conseils logo design by Nadeau Branding

Development of a graphic and visual grid by Nadeau Branding

Primary and secondary colors

Business card for Hathor Conseils

Book cover for Doryne Bourque | CRYSTAL

Realization of the website for Hathor Conseils | CRYSTAL