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The owners of the Shanthaly hair studio are considering growing the business through the creation of a hairdressing school: the SHANTHALY ACADEMY, and have called upon Nadeau Branding to bestow upon the school a compelling brand image filled with the promise of a reinvented company. The academy, backed by more than twenty-five years of experience, will cater to aspiring future hairdressers dreaming of an exciting career in the ever changing world of hairdressing and makeup, by teaching not only cutting-edge techniques of the trade but also the skills required to run a small business. The SHANTHALY ACADEMY wants nothing less than to become the primary source of the very best new-generation recruits. Once again, Nadeau Branding has delivered on its promise, creating a powerful and authentic brand image capable of turning this Ontario firm into an international industry leader.

Completion of a complete brand charter designed by Nadeau Branding

Creation of a new logo by Nadeau Branding