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Montreal-based Fednav is Canada’s largest ocean-going dry-bulk shipping company. Their aim is to exceed customer expectations by delivering the highest standard of service across their operations while being a leader in sustainable shipping practices. With their modern fleet of close to 100 owned and chartered vessels, Fednav transports bulk and breakbulk cargoes worldwide and owns the leadership position in the international dry bulk shipping industry. Nadeau Branding is proud of its contribution in rejuvenating Fednav’s brand image and breathing renewed vitality from stem to stem into the flagship of the Québec seascape.

Completion of a complete brand charter designed by Nadeau Branding

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for FEDNAV.

There’s no greater challenge than encapsulating the brand essence of Canada’s largest ocean-going dry-bulk shipping company. In about two and a half minutes, you’ll discover everything you need to know about FEDNAV, especially the philosophy and culture responsible for turning this family business into an amazing commercial success across the globe. “Delivering a Higher Standard” since 1944.