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CANU accelerates leadership and team development in the midst of important historical changes. CANU literally feeds communities of leaders working daily on exceeding their limitations in order to reach performance levels previously unattainable. The journey is just as satisfying and gratifying as the destination. CANU’s clients are the core of this movement, sharing their history and its lessons with other leaders, teams and organizations to contribute to everybody’s success. The Nadeau Branding team’s intervention gave the organization a new exciting lease on life, creating a new refreshing logo, a new powerful Brand Image, and an identity-driven video clip highlighting the enterprise essence.

Creation of a new logo by Nadeau Branding

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for CANU.

The challenge: transposing an organization’s dynamism into a 92-second story. Insert the approach, add the beliefs followed by the method; top it off with the organizational promise, “Embodying Performance”, and mix well. And there you have it, an identity video clip communicating CANU’s spirit of performance.

Realisation of the Web site by Nadeau Branding