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Here’s a splendid case of rebranding. Following the introduction of new owners, and a thorough market analysis, highlighting among other things significant business potential, the organization known as Fromagerie ferme des Chutes chose a new brand name: BOUCHARD Artisan Bio. The unwavering pride of five generations, this biological dairy farm produces yogurts and a wide variety of top-quality cheeses. BOUCHARD Artisan Bio is thrilled with its new customized image, specifically designed to generate goodwill from its Quebec customers. Nadeau Branding is proud of its contribution to the launch of a new and improved brand with unlimited potential.

Creation of a complete brand charter by Nadeau Branding

New name:
The fromagerie ferme des chutes becomes BOUCHARD Artisan Bio

Creation of a new logo by Nadeau Branding

Identity video clip created by Nadeau Branding for BOUCHARD Artisan Bio.

The tale of five generations in about three and a half minutes is no small feat. In that short time, you’ll connect with the brand’s authenticity and witness the fire and passion of its artisans as they create exceptional dairy products. “More than Bio, it’s Super Bio”  (French only)

New packaging for yogurt BOUCHARD Artisan Bio

New packaging for cheeses BOUCHARD Artisan Bio

Advertising imagery

Advertising imagery

Realisation of the Web site by Nadeau Branding