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ACT I Actuaries is an established, privately-held boutique actuarial consulting firm that knows and understands its clients’ context and real needs—as well as those of their employees. They focus their energy on the aspects that tangibly improve the effectiveness of benefit programs, deploying day-to-day actions rooted in reality, simplifying plan administration, and insuring plans perform well. They work alongside employers and employees when disagreements or disputes arise with insurers or other providers, and find solutions that work. More skilled than traditional brokerage firms and friendlier than big actuarial firms—that’s what ACT stands for. Nadeau Branding stands for the same thing, easing into a role that led to a reenergized organization and a modern, living and culturally-aligned image, reflecting its uniqueness and distinctness within the otherwise dry impersonal financial market.

Creation of a complete brand charter by Nadeau Branding

Creation of a new logo by Nadeau Branding